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About Cheer Soxx

The first ever cheer shoe protector.  Established since 2010. Fun and fashionable way to keep your expensive shoes clean. Simply slip on before your competition and wear around the venue. Slip off when it it time to hit the stage.  No more taking two pairs of shoes to a competition!  CHEER SOXX fold up very small for traveling.  Match your gym, team or squad colors with custom Toe Bows.  CHEER SOXX has bow designers on staff to make the perfect pair of Toe Bows!  CHEER SOXX are also sold without bows for those do not want a bow.

CHEER SOXX has been designed with the competitive cheer shoe in mind. Cheer shoes are a very expensive investment. CHEER SOXX design keeps cheer shoes protected from dirt and grime. They are not your ordinary sock, slipper, or overshoe. They have been tested and are made specifically for cheer shoes. The material used in CHEER SOXX helps with the preservation of the actual shoe itself. The CHEER SOXX has a stretch type material that helps the CHEER SOXX go on with ease. The upper portion of the CHEER SOXX are designed to fit over the back of the heal and over the large portion of the laces, leaving room to tighten shoe strings. The design of CHEER SOXX allows coverage of 80% of the shoe..  Custom designed Toe Bows are available to match your team, squad ,gym, or school colors. Each sole has a rubber non-slip, scuff proof, highly resistant sole and retains its non-slip quality in  warm or cold conditions. This material is extremely sturdy but soft and pliable.  CHEER SOXX a are also machine washable. The outer covering is made of a highly stretchable fabric made to fit snugly over existing shoes. The original Cheer shoe protector! Don't be caught without yours!

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